UX/UI Design

Collaboration with Agent Interactive

Risk management service company that provides real-time alerts about any credit issues

The Challenge

Planning and designing a multi-platform financial report was a massive challenge because of the amount of information and complexity of files coming from The Bank of Israel.

The first challenge was organizing info from different data files. The second challenge was structuring massive financial data on a single page. 

The Solution

The final results needed to be easy to read, clear and clean report. Use of colours and the right icons help users to scan quickly all the general info over the page. A clear design structure help views to identify the different sections and levels as they scroll along.


The main idea of the page structure was to show a summary of all the main points of the report right at the top section. Keeping in mind that information is flexible and may change according to content this was a task to be planned accordingly.

UI Design

In this UI design task, the use of colour was significant for practising functional design. lighting up areas that need more attention, using the right colours for visually clarifying the financial status of the report.